Monday, February 13, 2012

Meet Florence

I have wonderful friends. They have provided me with the tools and teaching to learn a new craft like spinning. I am having a blast making my own yarn. And they have provided me with the necessary tools and teaching to learn the art of weaving. With their help I made my first sampler and several bar towels.

I found out I love weaving. I also learned that I wanted my own loom. To be able to make my own cloth and rugs goes right along with making my own yarn, growing & processing my own food, making my own bread, butchering my own meat for the freezer, and always endeavoring to find ways to become even more self-sustaining. I truly hope that I can enable my friends like they have enabled me.

But this story doesn't stop there. It involves my friend Melissa, the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild and the Hetter family.

As a member of the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild, Melissa received a "blanket" e-mail concerning a loom for sale. She quickly responded to the e-mail and was in touch with the Hetter family. Melissa discovered from them the loom was a Harrisville Design Model 40 four harness, six treadle floor loom. And they wanted "to give it to someone who loves to weave as my mother-in-law did". The Hetter family brought the loom from the Detroit area to Ann Arbor. Within days Melissa and hubby drove their pickup to Ann Arbor to take a look. Within hours the loom was in Chelsea. And, within another few anxious days, it arrived home here in Beaverton. It is absolutely beautiful. I'm in the process of cleaning the loom, rearranging the spot it will sit, and dreaming of the creations I will design and weave.

I want to say thank you to the Hetter family.
I wish them peace,
and I can assure them
that their mother's loom will be loved and cared for.
I look forward to sharing the creations woven on a loom
that will be proudly named in honor of
Florence Hetter.