Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Four Reasons For a Vacation and Where is The Farm Fairy When You Need One?

Question: What is life without a vacation?
Answer: Busy

I love my life here on my little farm and operating a bed & breakfast in the middle of Michigan. What more could I ask for when it comes to a way of life. I wake up everyday to the welcoming committe of Purdy and the various critters outside who see me as a walking food bank. I see green everywhere from all the grass I mow. And when the sun shines I know the day is starting out right unless the temperature is in the 80's at 6am. From my kitchen window I see all that I've done, and unfortunately, all that still needs to be done.

So, why would I need a vacation? Let me count the ways:
1. Change of scenery - there are different shades of green elsewhere
2. To hear the distant sound of anything but Loony Tunes Farm
3. Change of weather - different degree of Michigan-like weather and a few more bugs
4. Rest from all that needs to be done - waiting for the Farm Fairy to chip in

John and I recently took a much needed fishing trip to Canada where we escaped from jobs, chores, cell phones, electricity and blacktop. And even though we were on vacation we still had a daily agenda of tasks we wanted to accomplish while we were AWOJCCPEB. Besides eating fish til we developed gills in place of our ears, we wanted to bring home our limit of Walleye, Northern Pike and Perch. 
The fishing was great (I caught the two largest fish: 36" Northern Pike and a 24" Lake Trout), we packaged our limit to bring home, and we didn't kill ourselves in the process of portaging across three counties with everything including the kitchen sink just to find that perfect fishing spot.
The secluded cabin we stayed in for a week was situated on the edge of a large lake instead of a noisy blacktop highway. The weather was mild and sunny on days we fished; cool and rainy on days we didn't. The wood-fired cook stove is always my favorite thing about retreating to the cabin in the woods and one day I will get one of my own to use in a summer kitchen.
I relish the time I'm able to escape to the wilderness with John, but there was something on my list that I have been wanting to do ever since he began taking me to the high country four years ago. And that was to mix a few colors and paint a view from the cabin. Not knowing really where to begin I'm glad I tried.
It was a wonderful vacation. Maybe next year the Farm Fairy will get things done while I'm gone. 

View from the window of Cabin 9 - Aug 2014