Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Good Day For Tatting

With hot, hazy skies, and temps to match it was a good day to be in the house where it was in the low seventies despite 95 degree weather outside. Built of cinder block in 1910 the house cools down quite nicely when the windows are opened at night as long as the temperature outside drops to the sixties. The key is to close the house up before the sun peeks above the horizon in the morning.

I make a habit of checking on all the animals several times a day when I know heat can cause discomfort, and to make sure water is available to all. Today the animals really felt the effects of the heat. Even in the shade the chickens were panting and holding out their wings from the side of their bodies. The rabbitry was too warm for comfort, so I moved the rabbits to a shady area under the big elms where they could feel a breeze on their ears, and thus, cool their blood. The goats and mare seemed to fare better than the other animals. The heat didn't keep them from grazing in the sun although shade was available for lounging.

Even though the coolness in the house felt good when I came inside, I couldn't resist being outside off and on throughout the day. If the sun is shining, I'm usually outside working. But today I sat in the shade with a cold, iced tea and tatted awhile.

What is nice about tatting is it doesn't take up much room. With just a small shuttle (or needle) and a ball of thread I'm good to go. And if I stop to do something else, I can pick up where I left off just by counting double stitches. So, in my ventures to and from the house to sit in the shade, or out to check on the animals it was a good day for tatting.