Monday, April 8, 2013

Sunshine State of Mind

I've been away...thought I'd tell you just in case you haven't noticed. It was far away from the dreary skies of Michigan to a land drenched in sunshine. Where the color green lasts all year, and flowers bloom in February. The smell of orange blossoms fill the air, and the sound of bees overpower the ringing in my ears. Where fire ants are considered a minority, and humidity can ruin a million-dollar hair-do. Florida: the hanging-off-part of the United States. What person wouldn't grab at the chance to visit? My Mom for one, but that's a whole 'nother story.

Truthfully, it was nice to experience some decent sunshine; the kind that sinks to my bones and chases the chill away...that is, until I get a hot flash and think for the next three minutes how the Michigan cold has its good points.

Walking made up a good hour or two of my daily routine while in the Sunshine State. And on these many walks I would see tracks from various critters (human and otherwise) that intrigued me. And of the hour or two I spent walking and looking at tracks, I would say, a good hour and fifteen minutes were spent reminding myself to "bring the camera next time". Well, better late than never is what I say; I did remember the camera on the last day of my walks.

I was able to take quite a few photos of some recognizable tracks, but there are others that could have been from tiny green aliens for all I know. I flunked my CSI exam so I can't tell you the makes of the tire tracks either. However, if anyone would like to shed some light on any of the track originators, please comment.

I'm posting only a few photos of my trip to Florida, and a few more later. Who wants to look at a boat-load of photos from someone else's vacation? "Ooooo, look at the pretty bug...."

Much needed sunshine

Racoon tracks?
Hog tracks

Vole tunnels?
Turkey and tire tracks

Little green alien tracks