Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cabin Fever, Anyone?

It's that time of year into winter, between sanity and the deep end, when the idea of counting the hairs on my head would make a perfect cabin fever commercial for Loony Tunes Travel Agency.

The snowdrifts between me and the outside world are getting higher with every passing day of cold, blistering winds that race across the fields west of me. I can handle the snow and cold when it comes to feeding and watering the animals, but when the wind piles the snow right where I want to walk or open the gate, then I would say it's getting a bit ridiculous. Every time I have to navigate over a snow drift or climb over the gate to water the horse I imagine myself as the abominable snowwoman on a trek across Siberia.

Fortunately, the animals seem to be taking this cold rather well. 5-year-old Miss Kitty races around like a kitten on caffeine, and the Peafowl still roost outside at night in the sub-zero weather even though they are provided with roosts inside their house. The goats with their long Angora fleeces munch on hay in their shelter like it was any day of the year. Out in the rabbitry Gizmo and Fuzz are coping with the cold. But then again they would prefer cold to hot weather any day. In the chicken house the chickens are taking the weather in stride and producing eggs after a short hiatus of mutiny in the chickenhood. I know Ducky and Dizzy will be glad for warmer weather when they can play in the water.

In the house, Moose (a Lion Head rabbit) and Herbie the chicken are totally unaware of the cold their kin have to deal with outside. They spend their days keeping each other company listening to the water circulating in the fish tank. With an occasional acknowledgement from Purdy the cat.

Purdy seems to know when I'm getting a touch of cabin fever. Between the two of us we have conversations that usually start by her looking up at me. "Are you staring at me?" I'll ask her. She quietly says "mew". I'll ask what's on her mind.  She responds with a "meOW". I ask her if she really knows what she's talking about. She reaches a paw to my face and quietly purrs.

I think I'll hold off a bit counting hairs...