Monday, May 5, 2014

A Bit More Sunshine

There was a brief window of opportunity to let the youngsters out to play in the sun. Mind you it was brief. But when it comes to Michigan weather we'll take brief and run with it.

Pita is growing like a weed, and Browning will soon catch up to her. They are both doing well and frolicking about like two little kids should.

I've been sick the last couple days and so Purdy and I sat by the hay bale and soaked up some rays.
The sun felt good, but my brain began a public debate with my body. The brain saying "There is so much to do".
"There is no energy to do what needs to be done", says my body.
"But you could at least try".
"I've been trying, and I'm sick".
"Sick is for wienies".
There was a moment of silence.
"Well, call me a wienie and start the grill. I'm not movin'!", exclaimed the body.
And there it is folks. Another wasted day.

Browning on the run

Pita in the foreground. Mom Pepper behind her.