Sunday, March 10, 2013

Country Bliss?

It's that time of year between winter and spring when standing water, mud and yuck abound. It's the time of year when I begin to make lists of everything I want to accomplish through the drier months.

One of the things on my list is noting where I need to fill in with topsoil and plant grass seed due to a new addition to the place. Another to-do is expanding the goat pasture so I have less grass to mow even though it's one of my favorite hobbies right up there with trimming trees. Seriously.

Every May (or spring), whichever comes first, I get a strong urge to build something. Give me some lumber, a hand saw, hammer and nails and I can keep myself occupied for hours. And if the job lasts longer than a couple hours then all the better.

I need to build more houses for the Blue birds and Swallows. When I mow the grass the Swallows are out there catching whatever bugs I stir up. And I can spot a Bluebird several hundred feet away just by the way it drops to the ground to pick up a bug, and then, quickly flies back up to a tree branch.

As the rain begins to lightly fall I make a mental note to fix the roofs this year on the butcher shed and green house. I'll use metal to replace the old rolled roofing, which I will use as a floor covering inside one of the other sheds.

I should have started the seedlings for the garden by now. And when the ground dries a bit I'll get out there and till the garden.

I'll need to add another bottom row of electric fence to Glory's pasture so I can turn the male goats in with her. And then I can let Sadie, Sarah and Pepper in the goat pasture. Don't need any more kids until next spring.

Can't forget the rabbits. A couple litters of bunnies will help to fill the freezer for next winter.

Let's see. I think that begins my list rather nicely. I just wish there were more than one of me. I could use the help. In the meantime, I'm gonna go take a nap...