Occasionally, I get these words bumping around in my head. When this happens, it's required I translate them into text so they will leave me alone. It's an ongoing process, like my artwork, but not as painful.

Lend a listening ear.
You never know when you might go deaf.

I love you more now 
than I did before I met you.

You know you're getting old 
when you can't find your teeth.

Spring Has Sprung

Believe it or not spring is here.
This morn I smelled it in the air.
In the mid of March with traces of snow
Spring had sprung and this I know.

The sound of the Red Wing came alive
And proved the birds of spring had arrived.
A melodious trill dancing on the wind
Reassuring like the voice of an old friend.

The many trees standing tall today
With their naked branches of solemn gray
Will bedeck themselves with leaves of green
Boldly adding to the beauty of spring.

The bright, warm sun with all its power
Will evoke the vibrant color of flowers.
The determined Crocuses will have their chance
Then its a time for the Daffodils to dance.

The Autumn Olive with an opulent smell
Draws the soul from a winter's shell.
Lilacs of violet bloom fragrant too
Helping to chase away the moods of blue.

As I look out over the barren field
I imagine what crop they will yield.
Shimmering fields of golden hues
Tempt the mind to a wandering muse.

Believe it or not spring is here.
I awoke this morning, smelled it in the air.
In the mid of March with traces of snow
Spring had sprung and this I know.

- Luann O'Dell (3/27/02)

Writer's Block
The sun comes up
The sun goes down
And in between
My world goes ‘round
‘Round by the chickens
They gather by the gate
Up since early dawn
They cluck, “why are you late?”
Rabbits in their cages
‘Round and ‘round they go
Eager to see me
Through summer and through snow
Kittens ’round my feet
Meow when they hear me
They roll on their backs
So fat bellies I see
The goats do follow me
Talking all the while
‘Round the pen we go
All in single file
‘Round in the pasture
Oh, my Glory be
With a bright, ready neigh
What a sight to see!
Though quiet as can be
The fish are happy too
In colors orange and green
‘Round the pond they go
Rocky and rooster
A fence between the two
‘Round and ‘round they spar
Over hens numbering few
Round the little farm
All through the day
From garden to river
I make my way
Birds sing their song
Through rain or shine
So peaceful it is
'Round this world of mine
- Luann O'Dell
Winter Cold


Rain, Rain

Spinning Moon Farm (haiku)

Bucks, does and babies
Shelter, straw, feed, lots of love
Hard work everyday
All through winter cold
Keeping ice off the water
Food in their tummies
Spring rains are a pain
There is water everywhere
Try to keep them dry
Kids abound to play
While Angora coats grow long
Summer grass feeds all
Sheared coats in the fall
Make roving to spin and knit
Warm socks and mittens
Lots of work and joy
No better place than my life
At Spinning Moon Farm 
- Luann O'Dell


Leave me be in this darkened hole of mine
Ever so black and well confined
I see not the world beyond these walls
Nor want to acknowledge loved ones calls
With despair and sadness I line my bed
Upon my trivials I lay my head
Wrapped in a growing numbness
Not feeling more; living less
In this hole let me wallow
Ever so deep and yet so shallow
Do not try to find this darkened space
It is mine; a well-secluded place
I burrow to be free
From maddening things I cannot see
Heavy tears are my only company
Long awaiting trial inside of me
A judgement of death ever so slow
Wishing time would surely speed the blow
But with time, ongoing life shines its light
To stir within the desire to fight
The want to emerge will arrive
Instead of death I choose to survive! 
- Luann O'Dell

Silence of Time

When first I saw you
Memories in plaid
A look
Unspoken in time
Quiet reflection
Of a kiss
Lingered breathlessly 
On lips of thunderous silence
Between time and reality
I'm lost in your eyes
Holding you near
Heartbeats entwined
Time has slipped by
Leaving memories still warm
Reality takes hold
Testing the strength of silence
You move away
Ensnaring what is mine
Out of reach
You linger on air
I stand and pause
For I know what is within
A look, a kiss
The silence of time 
- Luann O'Dell
Fluttering Wings


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