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How long does it take you to mow grass?
That depends on at least three things: if there is gas in the fuel can, the blades are sharp, and I cleaned underneath the mower deck when I was finished last time. If all that falls into place, then I can get the grass mowed in 8 hours. And then its on to weed wacking and trimming trees.

Building a chicken tractor and getting buff orpingtons before Easter... one question, how tall do they get?
In my experience, Buff Orpingtons can range in height from 18"-22" tall (roosters can be taller than 22"). I would want to provideat least 30" of height in order to provide enough room for range of movement; and additionally, three square feet of ground space per chicken if you are using a movable pen; for a permanent outside pen the more space the better. If you provide a roost, your top barrier will need to be higher. 

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