On this page is an ongoing accumulation of links I have found interesting and useful.

Clipart (Public Domain)


Farm Device Books (Public Domain)

Wilmer Atkinson Company - Publisher

Farm Buildings Books (Public Domain)

Peter Frederick Robinson - January 1, 1837
H.G. Bohn - Publisher

John Donaldsonn - January 1, 1851
M. Taylor - Publisher

F.W. Bird 
- Publisher

Farm Buildings, how to Build Them: A Booklet of Practical Information for the Farmer and Rural Contractor
William Elmer Frudden - January 1, 1916

National Lumber Manufacturers Association 
- Publisher

F.J. Drake & Company 
- Publisher

Breeder's gazette 
- Publisher

John Wiley 
- Publisher

Homestead Company 
- Publisher


Peafowl Books (Public Domain)

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

- Publisher

Poultry Books (Public Domain)

G.E. Howard and Company  
- Publisher

Simple Poultry Remedies: A Book which Describes in Simple Language the Symptoms of the Leading Diseases of Poultry and Tells how They May be Cured and Prevented by Simple Methods
Competent Authorities Webb Publishing Co - January 1, 1909
Webb Publishing Company - Publisher

All About Poultry
Jehu Glenn Postell - January 1, 1911
Postell - Publisher

National poultry magazine  
- Publisher

Hubbard's Poultry Secrets on Mating, Feeding and Conditioning Fancy Poultry for the Show Room
Charles Henry Hubbard - January 1, 1915
G.R. Hubbard - Publisher

Hints to Poultrymen: Volumes 6-27
New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. Dept. of Poultry Husbandry - January 1, 1917
The Station - Publisher

Secrets of Success in Poultry Culture
Hugh M. Wallace - January 1, 1918
Standard Publishing Comapny - Publisher

Homestead Company  
- Publisher

J.G. Poorman  
- Publisher

Poultry keeping in back yards
United States. Agricultural Research Service. Animal and Poultry Husbandry Research Branch - January 1, 1954

Rabbit Books (Public Domain)

C. C. DePuy

- Publisher

J.B. Lippincott

- Publisher

Self-Reliant Living

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