Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Sunny Day

It was a wonderful feeling waking up to sunshine and mild temps this morning. And being able to work outside cleaning the yard from the long winter was a real treat. The animals also seemed to appreciate the warmer weather - it was in the mid-forties by mid afternoon. The ducks enjoyed playing in the temporary puddle pond east of the peafowl pen, and the chickens scratched around in the mud and old hay. The tail of Peacock Senior glistening in the sun is a burst of iridescent color in a drab landscape. The Angora goats with their heavy coats of long curls even found the sun welcoming.

Pita is growing well and full of energy. She will be a week old tomorrow. She has become adept at climbing on anything she can get her little feet on - including mom Pepper, and me. Looking at her shiny black curls I think of how gorgeous they will be spun into yarn.

Spending time outside almost erases the extreme cabin fever this winter brought on. But then all I have to do is remember we can still be in for more snow. I guess we're not safe until, say, August.

Pita at six days old

Pita standing still for a split second

Peanut ready for a haircut

Sadie has to stick her nose into the action