Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pipe Dreams...

It's a wonderful feeling to get excited about learning something new, or learning more about something you may already be familiar. For example, the idea of enrolling in a class at John C Campbell school in North Carolina was brought up in conversation when Melissa, Mary and Edie were recently at the Nestle Inn. 

The question, "if you had a choice of taking any class you wanted, would it be something you've always wanted to learn, or something at which you would like to better your skills?" was asked and mulled over. It really isn't an easy question. You might think that learning a new craft would be the best answer. But, then again what about becoming more knowledgeable in a craft you already know something about? Whatever the answer, learning is a wonderful thing.

My son sent me photos of some of the custom smoking pipes he creates. He does it as a hobby at this point in his life.