Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Miss Kitty's Kitties

When I ventured out to take care of the animals Saturday morning (April 21) Miss Kitty was waiting for me at the rabbitry door. Looking down at her I noticed her belly wasn't as wide as she is long. She had finally had her kittens. But where? As usual, she was all purrs. She wasn't giving me any answers. I wouldn't find out where her kittens were until that evening when I went out to take care of the animals again. At that time she wasn't around so I called her a couple times and found her making her way to me behind the rabbitry up on the roof. Ah ha! I knew then her kittens were close by. So, searching I went. They weren't under the goat feeder or in the goat hut. They weren't in the first huge tire, but they were in the second one. The tires are full of sawdust and straw in the center, and right up under the rim was her kittens. Actually an ideal spot to have them since they are out of the weather, and when the sun shines they are comfortably warm.

Miss Kitty's kitties