Saturday, July 7, 2012


My neighbor stopped by yesterday to chat, and since the weather outside was less than hospitable we had our iced tea in the parlor. During the course of the conversation she mentioned she had recently gone to a yard sale in town where there were a lot of things in which I might be interested. That being said, and once our tea was done, we drove into town so I could take a peek. She was right. There were a number of nice things I would like to have. But lack of space and frugality ruled the day. Except when it comes to small odds and ends. And even better when they are packed into a pretty clear container.

 When I saw the lace I resisted opening the box. But, seeing inside I knew there were pieces that were done by hand. Probably by someone from long ago. So, when I got home I proceeded to slowly lay out the items...

My $4 find

...and there in the bottom was a tatting shuttle and long pieces of tatted trim.

I like the white tatted trim

To some it might look like these items are worthless. But to me and others, knowing what it takes to create something delicate from a strand of thread, these are treasures.