Monday, March 10, 2014


With the warm weather (50 degrees), today was a great day for getting outside and spending some time. The blue sky, yellow sun and…green grass! Even though that patch of green was the size of a baby blanket I could have wallowed in it until the cows came home, if it weren’t for the water puddle right in the middle. Nope, didn't want to get wet. After viewing snow and more snow for three long months - even though it felt like seven - that patch of green grass was a sight for sore eyes.

In my world green is an important color. To me it means warmth. It means there is life after snow and cold. It means I can get out and play in the dirt.

Throughout the centuries green has played an important role in just about every aspect of human life. An insightful look at revealed some interesting facts about the color green:

  • In the middle ages social rank and profession were often denoted by clothing color. Merchants wore green.
  • In the 18th and 19th centuries the Romantic Movement was represented by green in literature and art.
  • In Medieval times green represented love, and young women who were unmarried wore green clothing.
  • In the US, ever since 1861 the color green has been used on the back of the dollar bill. Not only was it used to deter counterfeiters, but green did not show through the thin paper of banknotes leaving the faces on the front clear.
Here are some other roles that are represented by the color green: 
  • Nature, plants, environment, springtime, growth, regeneration, rebirth, life, renewal, freshness, hope
  • Money, Emeralds, Jade
  • Good health, vigor, vivacity
  • Safety, permission, system on, go
  • Restful color (suggested for bedrooms), reduce fatigue
  • Inexperience, immaturity 
  • Political symbol, flags
  • Gambling, sports, camouflage
  • Religion, holidays
  • Monsters, dragons, fairies
  • Poison, misfortune, nausea, sickness
  • Envy, jealousy
 If it was up to me, every day in my world would consist of green, blue, yellow and everything in between except WHITE!

Okay, Readers, if you had to claim a color to represent your world, what would it be?