Thursday, January 12, 2012

A New Love

How many things can a person cram into 24 hours? I say “not enough!” I’m a glutton for learning with my mind and hands. Thus, I have embarked upon another learning curve. Oh, I’m not alone in this new adventure. I have friends who are enablers, abettors, and cahooters. But I asked for it. I opened my mouth. My friends heard me. And now I’m in the throes of infatuation that I am sure will loom into a lifetime love of heddles, harnesses, shuttles, fiber and everything else that goes along with weaving. And only a month ago I had no idea which way was weft.

The table loom is borrowed, courtesy of my friend Edie and her husband Dan. My friend Melissa did the set up and warping. She generously supplied me with the tools and fiber to use for weaving a sampler and bar towels.

I have done my sampler following patterns Melissa did on her computer, and now I have begun on a bar towel using natural 8/2 cotton warp and yellow 8/2 cotton weft.