Thursday, April 18, 2013

"You Kids...!"

I love Mom. She is so easy to please, and gets excited with the simplest things.  But tell her you've got a secret and she can't hardly stand it. (Personally, I can wait; tell me when you feel like it). So, the other day when I told Mom I had a secret, I was actually telling her for my own enjoyment. It doesn't take much to amuse me either.

The secret I had been holding onto was something recently printed in a book. This something is what Mom had a habit of saying when we were kids. I had the opportunity of submitting Mom's quote a while ago, and it came as a surprise to me when I was informed that it was included in "Mother Knows Better - Sense and Nonsense from American Moms" by Patti Murphy.

Being a young mother Mom had her hands full, and rightfully so. There were five of us kids all born within seven years. We learned to behave, mind our manners and show respect for our elders. However, with five siblings so close in age there were bound to be times when one of us would be pickin' on one of the others, Mom would hear about it, and it was then that Mom would express her now-famous saying.

When I told Mom about the book she had to have it right away. Yesterday she called me to tell me she had received it, and how tickled she was. She informed me that both our names, and her quote are on page 54. Oh, and she plans on carrying the book in her purse. Probably, so she can whip it out and make us kids read it if we get on her nerves again.
"You kids are bound and determined to do everything in your power to irritate me!" - Marilyn O'Dell

I love you, Mom.