Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill

I heard yesterday we have two more months of winter. Therefore, I thought I would add some more ways to save on your electric bill. I had mentioned among other things that if you had a sweater, it would help to keep you warm if you turned down your thermostat. You might want to add three shirts, a pair of long johns, knit cap, mittens, sweat pants, and two pair of thermal socks. Fashion is right up there with interior design when it comes to things we aren't concerned about at this point.

Here are a few more suggestions you might want to consider.

1. Go outside for awhile. It's amazing how much warmer the inside of your house feels at 63 when you first come in compared to -20 outside.
Inexpensive alternative: see number 2.

2. Visit a neighbor within walking distance. Someone else's house always seems warmer than your own. Chances are your neighbor is heating with wood. Or better yet, they're heating with wood and baking at the same time. Now where would you want to be?
Expensive alternative: drive to your neighbor's house.

3. Unplug anything that doesn't need to be plugged in 24/7. There are many appliances that steal electricity when not in use just by being plugged in. For example, tv, dvd player, vcr, radio, clock, modem, computer, and kitchen appliances. Its not difficult to plug something in when you need it and then unplug it when you're done.
Inexpensive alternative: see number 4.

4. Read a book. Turn the heat down more, grab several blankets, a thermos of hot tea and some reading material. Nothing takes us farther away from our current life in sub-zero weather than reading a good book. And its legal in all states.
Expensive alternative: move to Colorado.

5. Carry a flashlight. By doing this you can have all the lights off in your house and still be able to see where you're going. Or, don't use any light at all and practice being blind just in case you may need the experience one day. Note: this may not work if you live with someone else, or a dog. Stepping on a dog bone could cause some discomfort, but stubbing your toe and falling face first over the ottoman because someone wanted to add some excitement to the winter is not a good thing.
Alternative: save on batteries and use a solar flashlight. Then lock the other mammal in a spare room.

6. Turn off the water heater. This appliance can suck electricity faster than a spaghetti eater in a contest. Save the dishes and laundry for every other day or more. Only turn on the water heater long enough to get these chores done, and take a shower. Who needs a shower every day? If you work in a cubicle, who's going to notice?
Inexpensive alternative: set water jugs in a sunny window.

7. Take cues from the cat. Cats fend for themselves rather well and are excellent survivalists. Turn down the heat to where the pipes won't freeze and find the cat. You will have found a very warm place.
Alternative: sleep by the door with the dog.

* Again, Please Note: These tips are suggestions only. Don't hold me responsible if you were trying to plug the cat in instead of an appliance while all the lights were turned off in the house and the batteries were dead in your flashlight.