Sunday, March 16, 2014

"It's Okay"

The mournful cry made my heart ache. It made me want to pick him up and tell him "It's okay - you'll be alright tomorrow". But how do I know that? Because they say time heals all things. And to believe that is easier said than done at the exact time the hearts of both mother and child are breaking.

I had the chance to catch Peacock Junior (now over 6 months of age) this afternoon in the peafowl pen. He didn't like the experience one bit! I didn't expect him to, and I anticipated a fight on my hands. After a couple of minutes and a few tail feathers missing (his, not mine) I had him under my arm in order to band him with last years color (red for 2013). But there was another reason I wanted to catch him. For one thing, Peacock Senior was pestering Junior every chance he got. And, I also felt it was time for him to go in with the other peachick, who is also in with the chickens. By doing this he gets accustomed to the way of the chickenhood so when I let the chickens out to free range he will follow their habit of going in to roost at night.

What I did not anticipate was the heart-wrenching cries between mother and son. It made me feel like a heel. I actually went out to the chicken house to see if my presence, at least, would sooth Junior. Yeah, right! What was I thinking? He couldn't care less that my heart was breaking too. So, I stood there like an idiot watching him pace back and forth; both mother and son refusing to go to roost because things weren't the way they were supposed to be. So, back into the house I went, listening all the while to the sad cries from the chickenhood.

So, we'll see if tomorrow is any better for Junior. It's not like he can't see mom - there is only a screen door between the two. But, for tonight I have to resist the urge to lug my rocker and a baby blanket out to the chicken house and cuddle Junior until he falls asleep. If he only knew just how much better that would make me feel.